Other Services

Expedient Home Health Care utilizes several different companies with different scope of service who share our goal to better help our clients. Through our partner companies we are able to assist patients in obtaining:

Expedient Home Health Care can recommend several Physician HouseCall Groups in the areas of our service. We asked our clients to interview a couple of these doctors and select what is best suited for their needs.

Mobility Equipment like wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane, bedside commode, hospital bed to name a few.
Bathroom Aids like shower bench, shower chair, transfer bench, etc.
Respiratory equipment, Diabetic supplies, TENS unit, Prefabricated orthotic, etc.

Expedient Home Health Care also partners with several reputable Mobile Diagnostic companies who serve in the areas of our clients. They will do home X-ray, EKG, Barium Swallow Imaging, Doppler, etc.

As the need of non skilled assistance is often requested by our clients, Expedient Home Health Care has partnered with several Sitting Service Companies that we can recommend in the areas of our service.